Beacon Literacy Program

Training Teachers to Teach Structured Literacy

What will Beacon Literacy provide for your district?

group training sessions

Group Training Sessions

Teachers receive comprehensive professional development in multi-sensory, structured, sequential language instruction to engage all learners in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

ongoing support

Ongoing Assistance

Through continual training and FAQ sessions throughout the year, we invite invite participants to share results and ask questions pertaining to their individual classroom instruction. Connect with mentors, trainers, and other educators through our website portal and receive ongoing real-time support.

Training Resources

A wide variety of products both in digital and printed form are available for individual teachers. For those seeking more advanced certifications and continuing education in different areas of structured literacy, we have what you need.

group training sessions

Online Access

24/7 online access is available for all our members. Our extensive materials vault contains all training presentations as well as ready-to-use worksheets that are continually added to our collection.

Beacon Literacy Goals

School Districts

To make Structured Literacy Instruction available to all Intermediate School Districts in Michigan.

K-5 Teachers

To train thousands of teachers in Michigan with the best available and most effective methods to engage all learners.

Top 10 In 10

To move Michigan from 48th in the nation to the Top Ten in Reading Proficiency in ten years.

Every Child Reading

To see all students gain confidence in reading so that it spreads to all facets of their learning.

Our Passion

Our passion is to reverse declining literacy rates in Michigan and move our state from 48th in the nation to number one! The success of our story is told through the lives of children who now have a much greater opportunity to succeed in life because of increased reading skills. Yet, this story is far from complete.

With every new Michigan school district that becomes part of our growing family, we are adding another successful chapter to our story of changing lives and improving rates of literacy across the state!

Teacher Resource Materials

Our secure Materials Vault is filled with hundreds of colorful, large-print concept cards, expansive word lists, sentences to read, and engaging stories.

As our Beacon Literacy family grows, members are continually eager to share their success stories of what has worked for them, what challenges they have overcome, and practical tips for teaching structured literacy in a variety of school settings.

“The Children’s Choice Initiative Reading Program is top-notch, and we are seeing a substantial increase in reading scores. Based on the life-changing results we have seen in our schools, I believe that this program will be successful in every school district in Michigan!”

Robert Gaffney
Vice President, Clio Area School Board

Our Training Model

36 hours of direct instruction (In-Person or virtual)

  • 18 hours recommended during the summer
  • 18 hours divided throughout the school year

Alternate training options are available to meet your school’s individual needs

Professional coaching to support each teacher throughout the school year

  • Support is available in-person or virtual
  • Beacon staff will attend department meetings or in-service days upon request

Online support for all participants

  • Large collection of high-quality materials
  • One-year free membership to our expansive digital platform
  • Hundreds of colorful concept cards
  • Downloadable assessments and shared worksheets from teachers in our network continually being added to our platform

Program Highlights

Structured Literacy
Phonological Awareness
Brain-Based Research
Learning Disabilities Overview
Orton-Gillingham Components
Multi-Sensory Best Practices
Guided Discovery Methods
Diagnostics and Assessments
Syllable Types
Syllable Division
Consonant Blends and Clusters
Non-Phonetic Words
Chameleon Prefixes
Word Origins – Greek, Latin, and French

Our Beacon Literacy Family Is Growing

We offer over two decades of experience in multi-sensory, structured literacy instruction. What we have been able to do is to take these proven methods that have traditionally been administered in a 1-on-1 setting and develop a delivery system that works with great success in a full classroom setting.

Our trainers at Beacon Literacy have trained hundreds of teachers in the proven methods of structured literacy with unparalleled results. Of course, the true winners are the children with their newly found confidence and a lifelong love for learning!

Next Steps…

Contact us today to request training. We partner together to raise your students’ reading levels, boost their confidence, and dramatically change lives one child at a time!

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