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Beacon Literacy of Michigan

Research-based literacy program for teachers
to assist students in building a solid phonetic foundation.

Beacon Literacy Program Overview

With every new Michigan school district that becomes part of our growing family, we are adding another successful chapter to our story of changing lives and improving rates of literacy across the state!

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Hitting The Target

Our researched-based structured literacy program builds a solid phonetic foundation, teaching students to interact with the specific syllable types and patterns in our language.

We also incorporate a comprehensive and engaging Greek and Latin component to boost reading comprehension across the curriculum.

We provide comprehensive professional development, both in-person and virtual, catered to each school’s individual needs.

Beacon Literacy seeks to Unlock Children’s Unlimited Potential Through Reading!™



Michigan 4th grade report card

We need bold initiatives backed by proven practices to make an impact in our literacy rates.

Working together with the Michigan Department of Education via grants for Early Childhood Literacy, Beacon Literacy seeks to empower teachers, transform classrooms, and change lives with the research-based best practices of teaching Structured Literacy.

2022 Michigan Reading Snapshot


  • In 2022, the average score of fourth-grade students in Michigan was 212. This was lower than the average score of 216 for students in the nation.
  • The average score for students in Michigan in 2022 (212) was lower than their average score in 2019 (218) and was not significantly different from their average score in 1998 (216).
  • The percentage of students in Michigan who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 28 percent in 2022. This percentage was not significantly different from that in 2019 (32 percent) and in 1998 (28 percent).
  • The percentage of students in Michigan who performed at or above the NAEP Basic level was 58 percent in 2022. This percentage was smaller than that in 2019 (64 percent) and was not significantly different from that in 1998 (62 percent).

“I am very excited to continue to see growth in my students far beyond what I have seen in previous years. I think the key is two things, 1) the systematic approach to the process. I try to incorporate as much of the Children’s Choice Initiative Curriculum as I can into each day so that it is repetitive, and 2) the hands-on and kinesthetic approach works for all kids.”

Stacey Turner, Kindergarten Teacher
Clio Public Schools

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